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Start typing your search text. After you've entered 3 characters the system automatically starts searching and lists up to 7 results below the search field. The more you enter, the more refined the results will be. If there are more than 7 result options these will be listed beneath their sub-categories.

You have following search options:

  1. VBH Item Code
    This is the easist way to add items to a basket. Our Item Codes consist of a number, 3 letters, then 4 numbers in sequence without spaces - e.g. 2QCY0032.

  2. Manufacturer Item Number
    If you know the manufacturer's item number, just enter it including any dots, dashes or spaces - e.g. 398.490/6500. If nothing comes up, try it without the punctuation - e.g. 3984906500. 

  3. Search the Text
    You can search by entering keywords into the search field. Bear in mind that in some instances our descriptions are abbreviated or there may be different ways of describing a product depending on the manufacturer's terminology. A prime example is Tilt Striker, TBT Striker, TBT Keep, Tilt First Keep, Tilt Bearing etc. Searching text will not always bring up all the products in our range because of this.

    More than one keyword can be entered in any order separated by space. This will refine your search: e.g. gold 40 LH alpha will bring up our LH Alpha espag handles with 40mm spindle in gold. Entering dimensions in quote marks will improve hit accuracy - e.g. packer "100x 28x5"



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VBH is the largest global supplier of top quality hardware and ancillaries for windows and doors.

Our own greenteQ brand is incredibly popular with fabricators and installers alike.

We are a B2B supplier and, as such, sell exclusively to the trade, and not to the general public. 

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